2,667 bags of Fukushima’s radioactive waste washed out to sea by Typhoon Hagibis

"Flooded Old-Age Home in Japan Is Evacuated by Boat." Thus the Times headlinesMotoko Rich's piece on the impact of Typhoon Hagibis, on p. A4 of today's paper. Down in the second half of the 8th paragraph, Rich makes this brief, vague referenceto the site that must be on the mind of every thinking person:

"In Fukushima, which was hit by the nuclear meltdown that followed an earthquakeand tsunami in 2011, households in several communities were isolated by floodwaters."

And that's it. Our "newspaper of record" gives us plenty on the old folks evacuated fromtheir residence in Kawagoe, and a bit on the "dramatic rescues" that took place elsewhere in Japan—Fukushima noted among several other sites where such thrilling "rescues" took place—but nothing on the radioactive waste washed out to sea. 

Here's a piece about it from a real reporter from the Taiwan News, which, on this urgent subject, functions as a real newspaper should, while we get nothing on itfrom the Times, either in the actual newspaper or online (at least that I've been ableto find).  

Those multitudes of children terrified of their "extinction," and whose protests have been getting so much reverential coverage in the Times, should consider massing at the Gray Lady's front door, with pitchforks.  


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