While yammering indignantly about Hong Kong, “our free press” is complicit in THIS slaughter

While the New York Times goes on and on (and on, and on) about the protests in Hong Kong, and what looks like their repression by the Chinese government, we hear nothing of the ongoing protests in Gaza: protests that, unlike those in Hong Kong, are wholly peaceful, and that Israel—"our ally"—has been punishing for months with murderous brutality, killing and disabling thousands of those helpless people, on our dime, while "our free press" just looks the other way (unlike Ha'aretz and other outlets in Israel).

For more on the atrocities in Gaza, and elsewhere in the Palestinian Territories:

So please take a moment, on this holiday weekend, to consider donating a little bit to help my friend, the Palestinian nurse Amal Arafa, raise what her team needs forbasic care amid the carnage over there. If you're an American—and especially if(like me) you're Jewish—you have an obligation to help out, whatever modestsum you can afford.


From Amal Arafa:

I would like to thank those who have supported me and my team here in East Gaza. We started work about a year and a half ago, and would not be able to take care of all the wounded here without your help.

It is a huge job. Since we began, the Israeli occupation forces have wounded over 50,000 people (and killed over 220, including women and children). The bloodshed overwhelms us, as there are only nine of us nurses,with three young people helping us. We started this volunteer group to help those who are unable to get timely treatment for their injuries.

We cannot keep going without your support. Right now we need very badly need about $200 for the necessaryequipment and supplies. Specifically, we need over 100 pieces of gauze, which costs about $50, and six containers of saline solution, costing about $40. We also need pain medication, as many we are treatingare in agony, and we need antibiotics to prevent infection.
Please help us with whatever sum you can afford, by clicking on this link:

UPDATE received last night:

Ali Gadallah, photographer for the Turkish Anatolian Agency, has been shot in the head by Israeli forces, inthe Al-Awda camp in East Gaza City; and a medic working with us was shot in the chest. Two other young men were shot, one left with a neck wound, and the other also shot in the head, landing him in intensive care.
The soldiers also opened fire on two children, under seven.
Please look at these pictures, and donate what you can.

Amal Arafa
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