Whatever you may do about your “carbon footprint,” DON”T EAT OR DRINK FROM PLASTIC.

Why no protests over this, nor any media coverage? Every plastic cup of coffee, every take-out meal in plastic, every grocery or goodie plastic-wrapped, is poisoning your cells and nerves and hormones.  

"Most (74%) of the 34 plastic extracts contained chemicals triggering at least one end point, includingbaseline toxicity (62%), oxidative stress (41%), cytotoxicity (32%), estrogenicity (12%), and antiandrogenicity (27%)." 


p.s. Thanks to Douglas Yates for this. He writes: "When I buy coffee at the local caffeine hub, baristas scowl when I insist on a china mug. (Another item to wash.) Plastic-sealed paper cups are one vector that orients users toward a life-changing experience with the mainstream medical system."

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