Pablo Escobar “worked for the CIA selling cocaine,” his son revealed—and “our free press” did not report it

The failure of "our free press" to report the Escobar/CIA partnership (which Escobar's son revealed in February, 2017) was, and should be, no surprise to anyone familiar with the fate of Gary Webb, whose exposé of CIA drug-trafficking, though (or, rather, because it was) quite accurate, ended up destroying him, as "our free press"—the New York TimesWashington Post and Los Angeles Times —attacked that piece, and slandered Webb himself, so fiercely and relentlessly that it ended his career, driving him  eventually to suicide (which I believe it was). Thus the CIA used those three "journalistic" assets to punish Webb for shedding light on its involvement in the global drug trade.

And thus the many movies and TV shows about Escobar, and about drug-dealing out of South America, also black out his and its connection to the CIA. (If there are some exceptions—Scarface would be one—please let me know.) In this regard, as in all too many others (e.g., "Russia" as aforce of evil), our entertainments and "the news" are perfectly in sync, as winning propaganda has to be.


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