NYTimes hypes Justin Trudeau’s “brownface,” while blacking out his government’s support for Ukraine’s neo-Nazis

It's been three days now since the NYTimes' detailed front-page story on Justin Trudeau's Aladdin costume,"brown-face" included, that he put on for a private costume party 19 years ago, when he was 20. Yesterday the paper ran a front-page follow-up ("With Brownface and Blackface, Trudeau's Liberal Image Erodes"), and, today,on p. A7, they've run another story ("Trudeau Struggles to Pivot From Blackface Story"), just before the paper'stwo-page self-advertisement ("The truth has a voice") proclaiming its commitment to "gender coverage" everywhere and all the time, as part of its "larger mission to pursue the truth, shine a light on overlooked stories and hold power to account."

Meanwhile—and speaking of "the truth," "overlooked stories," and "hold[ing] power to account"—on the same day that the Times flipped out over the non-issue of Trudeau's painted face, there was another story out ofCanada, pointing up a vastly more insidious offense by his whole government against minorities, and against "the truth," and yet there hasn't been a peep about it in the TimesThat some Canadian officials, including the Canadian ambassador to Kiev, attended the unveiling of a monument to the OUN and UPA, the two largest Ukrainian pro-Nazi groups abetting the SS throughout the Holocaust, is evidently news not "fit to print," by contrast with Trudeau's antic faint-paint twenty years ago.

Why exactly would the Times black out that damning news, while going on, for days, about a student costume that's not really news at all? (It's clear that Trudeau wore that get-up as a tribute to the Disney movie, not out of racist malice.) It's probably because the Times has long blacked out the larger context for that news: i.e.,the robust neo-Nazi element within the junta that the CIA installed in 2014, and the atrocious war then waged by the devoted neo-Nazi troopers of that government against the breakaway republics in the East. Throughout the Times' propaganda "coverage" of that bloody crisis (which continues to this day, although the Times has largely stopped reporting it), the fact that neo-Nazis were involved in Ukraine's governance was pointedly dismissed as "Russian propaganda," even as the neo-Nazis fighting in the East had SS-style insignia stitched on their uniforms, and spoke of their Eastern enemies as "Semite-led Untermenschen," always honoring the memory of Ukraine's pro-Nazi henchmen during World War II—just as Canada's ambassador et al. have lately done.

In short, the Times must over-focus on the utter triviality of Justin Trudeau's once-upon-a-time Aladdin costume, instead of his government's support for Ukraine's neo-Nazi groups, because Ukraine is our ally against Russia: i,e,. a US ally, and (therefore) an ally of Canada, and, as well, of Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Australia—and, notwithstanding Ukraine's rampant anti-semitism, Israel, which helped arm Ukraine's neo-Nazis fighting in theEast (while the US Israel lobby blocked legislation that would have banned US assistance to Ukraine's extremist warriors).

p.s. Oddly enough, for all the blathering about its own unflinching "gender coverage" and commitment to "overlooked stories," the Times has also blacked out the ferocious homophobia of Ukraine's ultra-right—including C14, whose violent attacks on gay rights marches have gone wholly unreported by the Times and all the rest of "our free press." 

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