My friend the Swami will perform in NYC on Oct. 4

Swami Beyondananda Brings His Cosmic Comedy Show to NYC

Friday, October 4th

7 pm

CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing)

123 4th Ave, New York, New York 10003

Dear Mark:

Swami is FINALLY coming to New York a week from Friday to benefit my good friend Mitchell Rabin and a Better World.  You can use the Facebook link to spread the word on the show, and we sure hope to see you there.  We will probably have a little late lunch very early dinner gathering with key NY colleagues.  Hope you can make it.  Seriously and humorously, it will be great to connect in person after all these years and if you need to laugh, I may be able to help.  Even if I have to channel Bullwinkle …

Here is the celebration announcement

Here is the Facebook link

May the FARCE be with you,

Steve Bhaerman–
Steve Bhaerman aka Swami Beyondananda
(707) 888-7260

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