More on the absurdity of Epstein’s “suicide”

Three days ago, the Independent (UK) reported that the CCTV footage fromone camera outside Jeffrey Epstein's jail cell is "unusable."

Three days, ago Yahoo! News reported that two cameras outside Epstein's cellwere "broken," and that the FBI is "studying" them.

These bits of news went unreported by the New York Times, which continuesto refer to Epstein's "suicide," although nobody with half a brain believes it—just as the Times continues to refer to Russia's "meddling" in the last election(and, whenever they come up, JFK's assassination by Lee Harvey Oswald,  MLK's by James Earl Ray, and RFK's by Sirhan Sirhan). 

Thus the Times, as usual, defies the evidence (which it blacks out) and common sense—as do the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, NPR, the Wall StreetJournal and most of the rest of "our free press"; and even those outlets thathave hedged somewhat (CBS News noting Epstein's "apparent suicide," and FOX News referring to his "jailhouse death") have dropped the story, and, with it, all further inquiry into Epstein's many high-and-mighty friends (other thanPrince Andrew). 

Thus "our free press" has always kept its eyes wide shut to the depravity ofthe elites, because the Times et al. are at the service of the state that doesn't want us knowing anything about it. 


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