Installer of 5G apologizes for the major harm that he’ll be doing to us all (MUST-SEE)

Ignore the MAGA hat, and pay attention. 

"5G will broadcast in gigahertz, not megahertz. That will be 15,000 times stronger than what we are pushing out right now. The plan is to install these small cells on street lights, billboards, the sides of buildings, in the corner of your office, in the hallway of your apartment complex. The RF that we have been broadcasting isn't really damaging to you, although they can't tell the long-term effects. It has a really long wave trough.

"Not with 5G. They are planning to put a 38-band antenna into the back of every car so that they can talk to each other and self-drive. 5G has a much tighter wave trough, so when it does hit, you will get blasted. and it is not miles away on a tower any longer. It's in the corner of your office. - which means that this millimeter wave will directly affect your cellular membranes—the bonds that hold your cells together. Not to mention what it is going to do to your brain, your eyes, your testicles, your ovaries—just from the super heating that that radio frequency will do at a close range. It will break apart those bonds—and that is how you get cancerous tumors."

Those who would do anything to save their children from forced vaccination must now consider what they'll do about 5G.


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