How the elites want to “save the planet” (from the rest of us)

Let's grant that climate change is real (though its true scale, and speed, and causes are all more debatable than one would think, if one depends on "our free press" for all one's information on the subject). That'sone thing, while the ongoing propaganda drive, with its hysterical assertions that the world is going to end unless we all DO SOMETHING RIGHT NOW is something else. 

This drive is something else, by which I mean it's really about something other than protection of the planet, and our survival on itWhat it's really all about is pushing radical austerity, vast changes in the world economy (basically, replacing cash with "carbon credits"), and, as these two stories make quite clear,the elite program of lowering our numbers, by any means necessary—"population control" having long since been deployed as a humanitarian-sounding euphemism for eugenics. 

Birthrates in the US and worldwide are already falling, as has been noted by the media for some time: So having even fewer children can't be the solution to the ongoing degradation of the planet and its species—a problem that has not been caused by climate change alone. 

To save the planet, what we need is to stop trashing it with plastics, and poisoning it with glyphosate, insecticide (now killing songbirds by the billions), herbicides like atrazine, chemical fertilizers, fluoride, fracking, and, of course, the radiation of our waters, air and land; and—some might say, above all—breaking up the US war machine that's wreaking more environmental ruin than any other force on Earth.

Let's do all this, while also switching to clean energy from fossil fuels, and also shifting toward a meatless diet. Let's do all this, without surrendering everything to the plutocracy that's pulling Greta Thunberg's strings—and our strings, scaring us into the sort of pinched, atomized, ascetic lives that they don't lead, and never would, what with their many mansions, corporate jets, thick steaks, and healthy progeny. 


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