How many of those killer cops are high on steroids? (And does “our free press” care to let us know?)

How many of those bulked-up, trigger-happy cops are high on anabolic steroids? The vast majority, according to this MUST-READ book by John Hoberman—a bookI'd never heard of when my brother (a book rep) handed me a copy, since it made no splash when it was published. 

That silence says a lot about how little "our free press" really cares about the scandalous—and, in fact, unconstitutional—lethality of American police. While always quick to play up, and ostentatiously bemoan, police shootings of unarmed civilians (or quick to play them up when the victims are black), the New York Times et al.  have shown no interest whatsoever in what we might do to make American police less dangerous.

For example, "our free press" was largely silent when, nine years ago, there came to light an FBI report, from 2006, on the steady infiltration of US police departments by white supremacists. That should have been big news, which might then haveprompted calls for a thorough purge of those departments, to push out the mostrabid racist officers. 

And so it is with the cops' abuse of steroids—a huge yet unacknowledged "drug problem" that's having a disastrous daily impact on the public (and, lessvisibly, on policemen's families, since the rampant steroid use among those officers has led directly to a level of domestic violence far higher than amongthe general public). For reasons Hoberman explains, ending this great evil will be very, very difficult; but if "our free press" continues to ignore it, endingit will be impossible.

But maybe that's the way our masters want it, since those hulking figures, brutalized by drugs, are all the more effective guardians of our masters'privilege. (It's therefore no coincidence that US troops, and prison guards,are also often murderously high on steroids.) Thus the silence of "our freepress" on the vast corruption of American policing might be due to the elites' disinclination for reform. 

Let's hope that's not true, and that "our free press" can be pushed to focus onthose evils, and on ending them—unless that's just not possible in a plutocracy, in which case dealing with those evils (and a press that won't discuss them) will require a far more radical solution.


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