Greta Thunberg is the Miley Cyrus of the “climate movement”

Greta Thunberg is the Miley Cyrus of the "climate movement"—and saying so isn't an "attack" on her: on the contrary.

Child stars are notoriously miserable, because they've been exploited, robbed of their proper childhoods, by grown-ups looking to get something out of them. Just because you like her message doesn't mean that she's no different in this way from, say, Judy Garland, Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, or any of the other "icons" whose too-early fame made some people extremely rich at the expense of those kids' happiness. 

I write this in response to my friend Vladimir Golstein's Facebook post (below) about the use of Greta Thunberg as the poster child for "climate activism," and also to elaborate on Cory Morningstar's investigative series on We Don't Have
Time, the grandiosely grabby Swedish NGO that has a clear financial interest in the "climate movement" as defined by them and "our free press":

Let me add that Greta's stardom is a propaganda masterstroke, in that her appearance as a passionate young girl outthere to "save the Earth" has many people feeling rabidly protective of the girl, and bellowing indignantly at those who'ved ared raise any question vis-a-vis the interests backing her, and using her, for their own purposes—which actually are not about protecting the environment, but making money, and keeping capitalism, and its wars all over, going in a "green" disguise. (If Greta has said anything against the US war machine, I've missed it.)

This certainly is not the first time that young people have been used to front a propaganda drive, with many older people gibbering sentimentally in their defense. Thus it was with David Hogg, the frontman for the "Parkland kids," whosestory of his own involvement in what happened there kept changing, and whose seeming push for "gun control" kept giving way to snarky digs at the Republicans. To note those problems with his act (as well as his father's FBI connection) was to be assailed for one's "insensitivity" toward what "that child" had gone through, much as Greta's champions aredoing now to those who aren't down on their knees before thissudden "icon" of the "climate movement." 

From Vladimir Golstein:

Where are the child services in Sweden when we need them?

From what I understand, these services are always on the lookout for trouble. Plenty of Russian families were harassed to the point of taking their children away from them, only because they did things that don’t fit the Swedish sense of propriety. Like fathers kissing their daughters, or patting their butts or something. Immediately some holier-than-thou Gertrude appears and files the complaint, siccing social services on the unsuspecting parents.

Remember, it’s the ever-so-liberal Swedes who sicced their police on Assange—the very beginning of his torturous saga (the end is not in sight, mind you). Whatever he did with two women who were perfectly happy to share his bed became the subject of an international police hunt, his hiding out in that embassy in London, and so on.

And yet when the abusive parents of Greta Thunberg take her out of school—in fact, encourage her to skip classes—and drag her around the world in pursuit of their agenda, and do other things that clearly jeopardize her mental and physical well-being, no one seem to mind. Just imagine what those social services would do to some religious fanatic who pulls his child from school protesting vaccination, or whatever else.

The whole thing stinks to high heaven. A girl who is isn’t old enough to vote, or drink, or drive, a girl who doesn’t really know the rudiments of history, geography or science, comes at us out of the blue, forced by her parents to travel around and serve as a poster child for a cause. The cause of saving the world, no less. 

The Swedish embrace of pseudo-liberal causes seemed to start with the murder (still a mystery) of their independent-minded Prime Minister, Olaf Palme. The guy who was against Vietnam War and so on. Since then, the Swedes have followed Washington’s lead, as with the bombing of Yugoslavia (I have a good friend, former Swedish journalist, who lost his job for daring to write about it in a way that challenged Western dogma), with overturning of legal government in Ukraine, with fanning Russophobia, with hunting down Assange—and with producing the ultimate western stooge, Prime Minister Carl Bildt, who’d give Quisling a run for his money. And now this. All I can say is: “Beware of Swedes bearing gifts.” If it’s made in Sweden, it might look like Abba, but it tastes like anthrax.

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