CORRECTIONS to the statement by that 5G installer

From Josh Mitteldorf:

Mark –   

I believe it’s important to get our science right. 
” 5G iwill broadcast in gigahurts, not megahurts. That will be 15,000I times stronger than what we are pushing out right now.
The frequency is not the “strength”.  15,000 times “higher frequency”.  But the frequency is still millions of times lower than a light bulb. Frequency shold not be confused with power. 

The plan is to install these small cells on street lights, billboards, the sides of buildings, in the corner of your office, in the hallway of your apartment complex. The RF that we have been broadcasting isn’t really damaging to you, although they can’t tell the long term effects.
Present cell phone radiation has been linked to cancer risk, though estimates of the risk vary widely.  Higher frequencies seem to be worse, but we don’t have human data nor do we have a theory that can predict how severe the effects will be.  

It has a really long wave trough. Not with 5G = they are planning to put a 38 band antenna into the back of every car so that they can talk to each other and self-drive. 5G has a much tighter wave trough, so when it does hit, you will get blasted. and it is not miles away on a tower any longer. It’s in the corner of your office.
It’s the device you hold in your hand or next to your head that is most problematic. To the extent that this device is just trying to broadcast to the local antenna 100 yards away and not the cell tower that is miles away, this means that the cell device will not have to broadcast as much power, so your exposure is lower. Whether the total power density of 5G will be higher than 4G is not something I know how to calculate yet.  

– which means that this millimeter wave will directly affect your cellular membranes – the bonds that hold your cells together.
The best studied effects of millimeter radiation is that it opens calcium channels in cell membranes.  This is conflated above with chemical bonds. RF does not break chemical bonds, and “the bonds that hold your cells together” is not a scientifically-grounded phrase.

Not to mention what it is going to do to your brain, your eyes, your testicles, your ovaries – just from the super heating that that radio frequency will do at a close range.
We shouldn’t talk about heating. It plays right into the “old standard” based on the assumption that heating was the only biological effect of RF radiation.  In fact, heating from 5G, as from 4G, will be negligible.  

It will break apart those bonds  – and that is how you get cancerous tumors.”
This is misleading.  X-rays and gamma rays can break chemical bonds, and, according to prevailing theories, it is breaking the bonds of DNA that causes cancer.  (I’m not sure this really is the mechanism–there’s an alternative cancer theory.) In any case, 5G radiation doesn’t break chemical bonds.  Whether it causes cancer or not is something that has never been investigated, and therein lies the basis for our concern.

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