AUF study of Building 7——proving it COULD NOT have been brought down by office fires——has been blacked out by “our free press” (even in Alaska)

From Douglas Yates:

Lies of omission that protect an orthodoxy are generally quiet and on the sly.  Spotting them, especially when vital news of the day, indicatessomething’s really fishy. So it appears there’s an agenda at play in the failure of Alaska’s best journalists (Anchorage Daily News, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, the Juneau Empire, and Alaska Public Radio Network) to note a landmark study released by the engineering department of the University of Alaska Fairbanks. It finds WTC-7’s official 9/11 collapse report is false. Former full-time journalists, Dermot Cole and Craig Medred, now two of Alaska most-read bloggers, slept through it, too. The near-exclusive* blacklisting of the story is blatant and obvious. We can be assured Alaska’s owners/editors know the boundaries of today’s journalism. (Who’s your Big Brother?) 

Eighteen years later and this story is still too hot to touch, per consultations with handlers at the WaPo/NYT (CIA). It’s preferred to “let that dog sleep; no sense poking a hornet’s nest. We’ll live with lies until we’re told not to.” How else to explain it? 

*UAF’s campus station, KUAC, an affiliate of Alaska Public Radio Network, presented a local radio news report by Dan Bross about the engineering dept. study. It was less than 2 minutes in length. It does not appear to have been re-broadcast on APRN stations. Find it here:

Reports of UAF/WTC-7 Engineering Study in other venues:RT Deutsch

Paul Craig Roberts


Outer Light
University of Alaska Fairbanks concludes: WTC-7 “did not colapse due to fire”

Link to UAF document (126 pages)

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