Who wanted Jeffrey Epstein dead? (And who believes he wasn’t murdered?)

Assuming that he's really dead, and wasn't spirited away somewhere (a narrative that I, for one, don't buy—at least not yet), how could he have hanged himself, as the New York Times insists he did? What did he use for a rope? His prison garb was made of paper, like his bedding. Assuming someone slipped him a lasso, what did he tie it to? There was no beam or hook or chandelier up on the ceiling—and no way to reach the ceiling, which was some 9 feet above him, and he didn't have a ladder, or a chair, and his cot was bolted to the wall. (And the security cameras weren't working!) 

Don't take my word for any of this, since I've never been in that "facility." Checkout this highly credible account by one who did do time there:

In short, this latest, most preposterous of official stories is so patently absurd thatit's made everyone (who isn't on the payroll) a "conspiracy theorist"—and anunapologetic one at that, which has the Times and other conduits of state propaganda huffing laughably against the wholly rational assumption that the guy got whacked. (Now, if this had happened in Russia....)

So let's work back from this ridiculous state cover story to the many others that defy all logic, scientific evidence and common sense, from JFK/Dallas, and the murders of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy, up through 9/11 to the proven dangers of particular vaccines, and on and on. And let's work forward vis-a-vis all evidence of elite pedophilia, looking deeply into it with eyes wide open at long last.


Who wanted Jeffrey Epstein dead?

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