On the barbarism all around us

This somber piece is true enough, and well worth reading, although its argument is slightlyweakened by its liberal bias, and the author's unawareness of the key factor in US electoralpolitics. 

That factor is election theft, whereby Trump "won" in those three swing states—just asHillary had "won" her nomination. If the US voting system weren't the plaything of ouroligarchs, Bernie Sanders would be president today, in which case this piece probablywould never have been written, since Trump wouldn't be in office to provoke it.

Moreover, Donald Trump was not the sole barbarian contending for the Oval Office: Hillary Clinton is as blunt a psychopath as he is, and, in her own way, just ascoarse: "We came, we saw, he died!" she said, with a delighted laugh—right oncamera—concerning Muammar Gaddafi's murder, her State Department having helped to engineer it. If that response was not barbaric, nothing is; nor has thedemagoguery over "Russia-gate," which she kicked off, been any less barbaricthan Trump's bald nativist appeals.  

In short, as (rightly) sweeping as it is, Savio does not go far enough, either inportraying the barbarism of these times (because it's not just Trump, but "theResistance," too), or in his concluding note of hope (since our best politicians are actually more popular than those rigged polls and fake elections have us thinking).


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