On Jeffrey Epstein (and his connection to “intelligence”)

Here's a veritable library of articles on Jeffrey Epstein, compiled for NFU by my assistant. Since elite sexual predation is a major problem in the world created for us by the Oligarchy, and even though this scandal is the very tip of the iceberg (and, as shocking as it is, nowhere near as heinous as the Franklin scandal, and/or Pizzagate, both of which "our free press" has blacked out), these pieces are essential reading; and we will try to stay on top of this important, though permitted, story.

I want to comment on one aspect of this scandal: Epstein's links to Zionist billionaires in the US, and his probable connection to Mossad.

That connection has been heavily reported and discussed by folks online, as it should be—though there's a problem with that one-eyed focus on Epstein's likely work for the Mossad alone. The problem is that having one's eyes locked on Israel only necessarily entails a certain blindness to the no-less-likely links between Epstein and the CIA (and maybe MI6)—as if the CIA (a) is not joined at the institutional hip with Mossad, and (b) would be somehowunaware of Epstein's operation, when it's more than likely that they authored it, and havebeen funding him for years. 

When Alexander Acosta was warned off prosecuting Epstein, he was told that the predator "belongs to intelligence." That would not have meant that Epstein belonged to Israel. It would have meant that Epstein belonged to the CIA (and maybe other spooky US agencies). That warning reminds us of what Sen. Richard Schweiker said, famously (and a bit dangerously) about Lee Harvey Oswald: that that alleged "lone gunman" had "the fingerprints of intelligence" all over him. The analogy is useful, inasmuch asEpstein seems to have been deployed against some very powerful people, using funds (in his case, staggering sums) that he does not seem to have earned. (No one ever saw him actually working.)

In short, to focus on Israel alone—whether re: Jeffrey Epstein, or (as has been argued less convincingly) 9/11, or any other major US scandal—is to do the CIA a favor; and so it's not a stretch to speculate that such investigation may actually have been encouraged by the Agency itself.    


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