Official stories of El Paso/Gilroy/Dayton triad are full of gaping holes

....which anyone who really cares about them can't ignore. 

To the many stark anomalies and contradictions noted in the piece that'slinked below, I'd add the strange exclusion of the 7/27 Brownsville shooting from the narrative now flooding "our free press" (with eleven pieces in today's NYTimes—not including two op-eds and six letters to the editor). 

Or maybe this exclusion isn't strange at all, inasmuch as Brownsville was"off-script"—i.e., not (seemingly) explicable as an explosion of "whitenationalist hate," the shrieking theme of what may (or may not) one day be acknowledged as a classic propaganda drive. 

Of course, this sort of dispassionate analysis is likely to enrage those who've been swept away by the emotional effect of all that wrenching coverage (the usual effect of all atrocity propaganda). In their eyes, anyone who's not on board with this whole push against "white nationalist terror" and—especially—hate speech, along with stricter gun control, is morally obtuse, or an apologist for "terror," if not a terrorist himself. Meanwhile, those official stories are so clumsy and, in many ways, absurd that it's not hard to see why Beto burst out laughing while attempting to deplore the carnage in El Paso.


p.s. As I've urged before, please read Paul L. Williams' Operation Gladio.

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