Is Harvard going to tell us that it’s okay to spray tons of chemicals throughout the skies?

A Google search on "chemtrails" tells us that there's no such thing: Wikipedia's entry on "Chemtrails conspiracy theory" (emphasis added) is the first thing thatcomes up; and the screed on RationalWiki (sic)—the third "authority" invokedby Google—tells us that only "kooks" believe in it.

Nothing like letting people make up their own minds, based on the evidence—which is, in fact, abundant. In any case, this item about Harvard's new "advisory panel" may mean that we're all going to be assured, by scientists advising Harvard, that spraying particles into the air, as a (military) method to "fight climate change," is quite a good thing, actually (however toxic it may be tofill the air with aluminum and whatever else those jets are really vomiting all over us day after day).


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