Endangered orca whales are dying off in waters likely touched by Fukushima

The first piece below, from late March last year, reminds us—or those few who may have happened on it—that the Fukushima plant was—is—still spewing radioactive water into the Pacific by the tons of gallons.

The second piece, from yesterday, reports what would appear to be one aspect of the toll of that vast, ongoing disaster on the marine life along Canada's Pacific coast—and that, of course, means our West Coast.

Meanwhile, Americans keep eating seafood from those waters, the state—i.e., "our" government-and-press—having blacked out the catastrophe completely, while shrieking endlessly about the threatof "climate change" to the exclusion of all other grave environmental threats, especially Fukushima.


From Douglas Yates:

It is recognized by experts that Fukushima is the world’s largest nuclear catastrophe. At the request of TPTB, leakage to the Pacific Ocean is suppressed by mainstream media. However, searches still locate stories that affirm the ongoing pollution.

Seven years on, radioactive water at Fukushima plant still flowing into ocean, study finds

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