Birds aren’t reproducing, plants aren’t fruiting, in/near the eastern North Pacific Ocean

According to the "free press" in Alaska, Canada, and elsewhere in the USA, this(a) isn't happening, and therefore (b) can't have anything to do with Fukushima—which (c) is not still happening, either.


From Douglas Yates:

ST. GEORGE ISLAND, ALASKA – 2018 (Key word: survivorship)


• Upon the crew’s arrival in May there was little snow present on Ulakaia Ridge and none present in other areas of the island. St. George community members reported that there had been little snowfall throughout the winter. 

• While an adequate sample size for thick-billed murres was attained, the majority of murres attending the cliffs did not lay eggs. • Very low numbers of crested auklets, tufted puffins, and horned puffins were seen on the island cliffs and in nearshore waters. 

• Historical least auklet crevices were poorly attended. A large effort to find new occupied crevices was made but only four were located. An effort was made midway through the incubation period to check the roughly 180 historical crevices in entirety, but no nests or abandoned eggs were found. Crevices that were added in 2017 were not well attended either. 

• Red and black-legged kittiwake nest-building initiation was late and protracted. The first blacklegged nest was observed in a plot on 24 June and the first red-legged nest was observed in a plot on 23 June. Many nests continually gained and lost material throughout the breeding season as they were sporadically attended, and birds were observed building nests through July. 

• Both kittiwake species experienced a fourth year in a row of near complete nesting failure. 

• Northern fulmar attendance on the breeding cliffs declined by mid-July and very few fulmars were observed attending the colony by the end of July. No chicks were observed this season, however adult attendance on the cliffs increased significantly by mid- to late August, with numbers on the cliffs similar to those seen at the beginning of the season. 

• Crowberry (Empetrum nigrum), which normally grows in large green patches during summer, fruited only in small patches around the island.

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