This Harris/Biden “contest” is just more pro wrestling (meant to keep our eyes OFF Bernie/Tulsi)

Back when "our free press" was hailing Joe (The Groper) Biden as the People's Choice,citing "polls" as credible as all their other claims, I told friends that that Old White Male's faux-ascendance would shortly be aborted by some other neoliberal with a more "progressive" racial/gender profile, in the fashion of Obama/Hillary, so as to cast this epic pre-election "struggle," and then the presidential contest, as a Social Justice melodrama, noisily distracting us from what the US war machine is doing to ourselves and people (mostly dark-skinned) all across the planet, not to mention (as "our free press" never mentions) what it's doing to the planet. 

Specifically, I predicted that The Groper would be "challenged," and (the fantasy of) his ascendance terminated, probably by Kamala Harris, if not Cory Booker, or maybe Pete ("I'm gay!") Buttigieg—i.e., anyone but Bernie and/or Tulsi Gabbard. (Although rightly gendered—and despite her "green" concern about "our military readiness"—Elizabeth Warren talks too much about income inequality to win the all-important plutocratic vote.) Even at the height of Biden's pseudo-popularity, this "surprise" reversal was foreshadowed by an ever larger stream of faux-objective pieces on his (glaring) defects as a candidate, from his contemptible passivity throughout the sliming of Anita Hill to his long history of predatory moves on "women" (i.e., little girls), and so on. Meanwhile, "our free press" kept right on not reporting Bernie's actual popularity, while either blacking Tulsi out as well, or treating her with bald hostility. 

It doesn't make me happy to report that I was right. In any case, let us be mindful of the likelihood that all the rest of us aren't feeling the Kamala-philic ecstasy so loudly vented by the New York Times and all the other outposts of our Ministry of Truth. 


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