No free speech for those who question vaccine safety

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CENSORED! GreenMedInfo Newsletter Shut Down by Mailchimp/CDC

Dear Reader, 
Wow, what a wild ride!

After a concerted effort by Mailchimp (a CDC partner)on June 19th, to prevent us from accessing our email list, and to continue sending you messages, we managed to salvage a good portion of our list, and find a new server and support team who ardently believe in health freedom. (At least 100k subscribers didn’t make the transition, so please forward this to friends, loved ones, and colleagues!). 

Perhaps even more astounding (I haven’t shared this publicly until now), but we were also kicked off of ActiveCampaign the same time — another massive email service provider we were planning on moving to before this happened — who canceled the active account we had opened a month ago when we asked them specifically about whether we would be safe on their platform against censorship of the Mailchimp variety. : (

You can see our experience is not an isolated case , but a widely distributed censorship problem which involves large Tech and Social Media companies working very closely with the government — a government which increasingly acts less as a regulator and more like a cheerleader when it comes to Big Pharma’s interests.

Ontraport, the company we have chosen to host our newsletter is based in CA, where mandatory vaccination legislation has never been worse. They are 100% behind our right to communicate  information that supports informed consent, natural alternatives, and reveals well established issues with vaccine safety and efficacy.  We’re placing their affiliate link here, if you would like to learn about what they do. Any proceeds generated will go to the not insignificant costs incurred by this sudden censorship effort. We hope to have our systems transferred over for our normal newsletter sends as soon as Monday.

In the meantime, if you missed out on what happened , read our alert below, including my new video update included within it. We’re also encouraging our supporters to reach out to Mailchimp to let them know how you feel about their actions. Feel free to contact them directly, call them at  678) 999-0141, or leave a comment on Facebook . Also, please forward this email on to others who might be concerned about this growing censorship problem.

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank everyone who donated or became a member in the past three days. Your support in this transition, especially the moral support via the hundreds of messages we received, means everything to us!

For those who haven’t yet joined us, please consider  becoming a member or making a one-time donation.

Honestly, together, I’m glad we got that monkey off our back. Onward and upward from here folks!  

Sayer Ji
Founder & Director

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