Help defend Nils Melzer—who exposed the torture of Assange—from a pseudo-feminist attempt to take him down (much like the one deployed against Assange)

I signed Suzie's letter—as a supporter, not as a survivor—and you can, too.

Please send it far and wide.


From Suzie Dawson:


Last week, a group of human rights advocates called ‘Atlas Women’ tried to get UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer fired. 

He had recently exposed the torture of Julian Assange. They claimed to take issue with some of his commentary about the case, and ostensibly for the protection of rape survivors, issued an open letter decrying Melzer’s conduct to his UN bosses and implored several hundred academics around the world to sign on to the letter. 

Indignant at this blatant politicization of the topic of rape and sexual violence, I wrote a counter letter in return, letting rip about my feelings on this matter, and amazingly some 117 survivors of sexual assault and a further nearly 300 supporters signed my counter letter in support of Melzer. Your readers and supporters can access my letter here, and leave a comment if they also wish to co-sign it:

Warning, it’s a pretty harrowing read, but I think it has been a very long time coming for a lot of people, that we have this conversation. 

For too long, rape and sexual violence have been unfairly used as an excuse to take down political targets. So we are collectively saying no more: Not In Our Name. 



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