For the Palestinians in Gaza, “Friday was a very bloody day for us” (as NOT reported by the Western press)

Please do what you can to help.


From Amal Arafa:

Friday was a very bloody day for us: As our group was treating people wounded by the Israeli occupation forces, those forces attacked our tent with rifle fire and gas grenades, wounding five nurses and a paramedic, and overcoming all of us with gas. I was one of those wounded; I was unconscious for over two hours, and then suffered from severe vertigo and fever.

Despite that attack, we did our best to keep on doing the work of caring for the victims of Israel’s aggression, as we are doing now—but we need your donations, to pay for the first aid supplies and medicines that this work requires. 

I am sorry to have to ask for help like this, but have no choice; I wouldn’t do it if it were not absolutely necessary.

Please donate what you can to the following link:

Thank you!


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