A win for vaccine SCIENCE in Japan

Good news cast as bad news by Big Phar—er, the Financial Times.Note how the headline casts the propagandist in this case as a"scientist," and the scientist who won his libel case as an "anti-vaxxer." 

But Dr. Ikeda is not an "anti-vaxxer"—the same misleading epithet that "our free press" deployed to take down Andrew Wakefield, who never argued against vaccination per se, but only called for further study ofthe MMR vaccine in particular, and its replacement by three separateshots for measles, mumps and rubella. 

Likewise, Dr. Ikeda has simply published what amounts to scientific grounds for rational concern about the HPV vaccine in particular—cause enough for Big Pharma to go after him, by smearing him ashaving "fabricated" scientific evidence. 



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