With supporters like these, who needs detractors? Rachel Maddow’s quasi-turnaround on Julian Assange

From Rob Williams:


I forced myself to watch RM’s entire show on Assange the other day, as all my LIB friends were yakking about it.

She calls him “the Wikileaks Guy,” (?), routinely defames his character, and downplays Wikileaks as the world’s first
stateless news organization actually doing REAL geopolitical news of import.

Essentially, her hatred of Trump trumped her hatred of Assange, and oh yah, that whole 1st Amendment thing…

And she continually refers to the “shock” that “all of us still feel” at the 2016 election results; calls out Putin/Russia
for “supporting right wing political parties” in Europe (hello, Crimea? US wars across the world? Full Spectrum
Dominance?); and condemns the British voting for “Brexit,” as if wishing for an exit from the EU (Austerity/Bankster Central)
is sheer lunacy…

Totally surreal. Propaganda to the max—like watching a cartoon version of a “news show” on some dystopian Hollywood
thriller like V for Vendetta.

Maddow’ not a newscaster, but the highest-paid propaganda-performance artist in the US Empire.

Orwell is rolling.

From the Don’t-Know-Whether-to-Laugh-or-Cry Department on the Vermont frontier,


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