Why Rory Stewart should NEVER be Prime Minister of Airstrip One (i.e., Britain)

From Lucy Morgan Edwards:

I think people need to see this information on the completely unscrupulous Rory Stewart before it is too late and he becomes UK PM or moves even higher up the ranks – quite likely given the ‘Mocking Bird’ media adoration and mythologizing he has received consistently since his ‘walk’ across Afghanistan.  I am not surprised to learn that he is M*6, given that I had heard from a v reliable source that his father was the same, in Malaya I believe. His Dad seems to have helped him to hone his image over the years, and this seems to have been a long term project, ably assisted with the help of Bell Pottinger, who I understand orchestrated his book tour and continuous glossy fawning pieces.  

I have more information but this letter is an introduction.  Steve Landrigan is very prepared to go on the record on this!  He is an American who lived in the same house for 2 and a half yrs in Kabul.  

You will find Steve’s contact details on this letter [ATTACHED] should you wish to take this further. 

There is a lot more where this came from if you need further info.  


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