“Take Back Your Power”—on the dangers of 5G

From Les Jamieson:

Hello all,

Here is a reminder on the film event this Saturday on smart meters and 5G. This will be an excellent opportunity to learn why these technologies represent an unwarranted risk to health, safety, privacy, and property. We absolutely need to organize to inform others and inform our legislators. I met with a NY State Senator on Monday who chairs the energy subcomittee and it went well. Now we need to follow up and expand our political outreach. Hope to see you there!


Les Jamieson

Award Winning Documentary “Take Back Your Power”

What the public must know about Smart Meters and 5G

7 pm Saturday, June 15th

Revelation Gallery, 224 Waverly Place, NY 10014

Utility companies around the world have been replacing electric, gas and water analog meters with pulsed radiation smart meter networks. According to thousands of scientists, these devices have never been adequately tested by the industry or government agencies for safety to humans as well as the ecosystem. The industry has misled the public by citing out-dated FCC guidelines and claims that smart meters emit only low-level radiation, while omitting any mention of thousands of independent tests revealing a serious threat to health as well as thousands of complaints by people who have been harmed. The rollout of 5G WiFi technology is yet another example of mass marketing of devices operating on what amounts to microwave frequencies without testing for health effects. 

Currently, our local NY City utilities are deploying smart meters throughout the boroughs and 5G cells are being installed on Governors Island. Come learn what you need to know at a screening of the award-winning documentary “Take Back Your Power”. The screening will take place Saturday, June 15th, 7 pm at Revelation Gallery, 224 Waverly Place, NY 10014. Discussion will follow. Admission is free.

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