“Your 5G Phone Won’t Hurt You, But Russia Wants You to Think Otherwise”

Thus the New York Times, on its website and today's front page, hits us with a lethal propaganda twofer—urging us, with two Big Lies, to (a) not worry about 5G, despite the overwhelming evidence of its toxicity, and (b) blame Russia for the misconception that 5G is dangerous.

So all those European scientists are Russian trolls?

And all those ailing DHS employees, sickened by long hours standing next to airport body scanners (which use 5G), aren't really sick at all, or sick because of something else—or are they too Russian trolls?

Then there are the moratoriums on 5G's rollout in Brussels, Rome and Florence, and the Swiss cantons of Vaud and Geneva, as well as US cities coast to coast—are they the work of Russian agents?

There's so much solid evidence of 5G's lethality, and, therefore, so much rational concernabout it everywhere, that it would take me hours to post the links that come up on Google and/or DuckDuckGo, when I search "danger" and "5G."

Thus the New York Times proves, once again,that it is—literally—the worst newspaper in the world, spreading Big Lies that could kill us all, whether through 5G radiation or a war with Russia—and/or the huge menu of vaccines, some poisonous and all of them untested, that the Times relentlessly promotes (while demonizing those who rightly question whether all of them are necessary, safe, and/or effective).

Enough. The Great Gray Lady needs to be put down.


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