What’s REALLY happening with the Yellow Vests

From Cat McGuire:

Yellow Vest Movement Struggles to Reinvent Democracy by Richard Greeman, April 13, 2019, published by PopularResistence.org
This must-read article on the Yellow Vests contains information that the mainstream media in Europe and the US is not only blacking out, but is purposefully misrepresenting.IMO the Yellow Vest movement is the best example to date of all the highest hopes we had for the Occupy movement.  The direct oppression of the Yellow Vests by the French government is a literal deja vu on steroids of how the US government successfully destroyed the Occupy movement against the 1%.

Along with other resistance movements — the pro-Palestinian movement being the premier example — news about the Yellow Vests must be widely circulated by us, we the people, due to the fact that alternative channels like PopularResistence.org are facing increasingly vigorous censorship through algorythmming, deplatformming, demonetizing, and other high-tech, Orwellian solutions to silence truthtellers.

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