What Jill Stein did to save American democracy, in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania (while Bernie has done nothing for that cause)

In a recent back-and-forth on Bernie Sanders’ silence on the serial theft of his primary victories in 2016,

Karen McKim weighed in with this salute to the accomplishment—and heroism—of Jill Stein:

From Wisconsin, I cannot let these comments pass without adding my expression of gratitude to Jill Stein (not necessarily the 

rest of the Green Party leadership). I cannot overstate the value of what her personal leadership and decisions contributed to 

the integrity of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan elections—benefits that only started when the recount concluded, and 

are not  yet fully realized.

Obviously, I’m less familiar with Pennsylvania (where Stein’s lawsuit led to a sea change in state policy regarding paper ballots 

and routine audits) and Michigan (where awareness of the state’s inherent problems with unreliable machines and records integrity 

is a quantum leap ahead of where it was before Stein called the state’s bluff after 2016 election).

But in Wisconsin, Stein’s efforts led directly to, or greatly aided, the following developments since the recount:

·         The Wisconsin elections commission admitted publicly for the first time in their history that voting machines ARE fallible 

and decertified one model due to its demonstrated unreliability;

·         A wealth of data produced by the recount has led to greater understanding of the many ways votes can be miscounted and the reality of pervasive errors—information which has been very useful in getting reporters’ and legislators’ attention;

·         Formerly useless voting-machine audits (delayed until after certification) have been officially reformulated so that they now occur before certification after November elections and include enough voting machines to stand a chance of verifying the outcome;

·         A few alert reporters and editors are awake to the complexities of election administration and have given up the habit of ‘investigating’ election-administration stories simply by asking the clerks and transcribing their answers; and

·         A Stein lawsuit is still making progress that stands of good chance of leading to the first truly independent-and-official review of the code for ES&S and Dominion tabulation systems.

Of course, I would LOVE it if Sanders sent a letter to his supporters putting his campaign solidly on our side, but we have to remember always what REAL leadership looks like, and how very much we need it.

Karen McKim

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