What do we want? Revolution! What are they planning to do about it? Depopulation!

From Darwin Hoop:

Here’s something I posted to Facebook today (attached below Caleb’s video). It will be removed and I will be banned again because the last three times I connected what was happening with “mass shootings” and draconian vaccine laws with the plutocratic obsession with depopulation (revolution avoidance, really), I was banned. Three times in under two weeks. I must be way off target…

Well, either great minds think alike or Caleb has been listening and has given us this brilliant piece explicitly linking the Marxist idea of “overproduction” with depopulation initiatives. He doesn’t get straight to the point, but the listener’s patience will be rewarded:


URGENT: A “MUST WATCH” VIDEO(COPY BEFORE I AM BANNED AGAIN)AI alone will either trigger radical depopulation or a political revolution the plutocracy will do all in its power to prevent. This is a crisis and it is upon us. Instead of working with the people to find ways for the unemployed masses to live fruitful lives (e.g., organic farming), the ruling plutocracy is aggressively addressing this crisis as a depopulation emergency.
I keep getting banned for being more specific, so tune into this brilliant video by Caleb Maupin who is very clear that fascists and capitalists have only one way of looking at a group of people they cannot employ profitably who have no means to buy anything: As a population that must be reduced. If you read my stuff, you know that I have long-tied these mechanisms to extant domestic depopulation and disarmament programs that masquerade as public health initiatives. Here, Maupin (also a Facebook friend) too explicitly connects the “overproduction” problem with Bill Gates, genocide, and eugenics.
The choice is ours. Radical depopulation will be our reward for permitting the neoliberal plutocrats to address this crisis alone. They are years ahead of us and they are winning in a rout.
Yes, Caleb Maupin is a socialist, but you should hear him out even if you are not. Depopulation operations will affect us all and neoliberal dogma is what is driving it. In the final analysis, they aren’t going to spare you just because you too believe in capitalism. The time to respond is now and we must respond together to survive. We will require a system that doesn’t lead back to this awful place.
(re: Vaccines, “mass shootings”, toxic food and water, non-consensual anti-reproductive sexuality and gender identity, synergistic toxicity).

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