Vaccine scandals in China (2)

“Our vaccines, like so many of our drugs, may come from China,” notes Meryl Nass.
:April 20, 2019

China’s dodgy drug makers face hefty fines after public review of draft vaccine management law

Under the amended proposals, companies embroiled in vaccine scandals can be fined between 15 and 30 times the value of the goods involved, or three times as much as was first suggested.

The legislation also allows for families affected by unsafe drugs, leading to serious illness or death, to apply for punitive damages on top of any compensation awarded to them by the courts.

The call for errant drug makers to be made to pay heavily for their crimes is a clear response to a wave of vaccine scandals in China in recent years that has left the public’s confidence in locally produced drugs in tatters.

The two companies were investigated and the latter was ordered to close, with its 15 executives arrested, after authorities found it had forged a production log, used out-of-date materials, mixed different batches of products and failed to test them properly.

From February, 2019:

China disciplines more than 80 officials linked to major vaccine scandal’

Authorities earlier said the faulty rabies vaccines did not enter the market. But the case provoked outrage from customers fed up with recurring product-safety scandals, particularly in the drug sector.Four officials from the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA), including former deputy director Wu Zhen, have been handed over to prosecutors, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection said in a statement on Saturday.

The drug company’s chairwoman and 14 employees were arrested after the scandal came to light last July, while more than a dozen national, provincial and local officials were sacked.

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