US indicts whistleblower who exposed Obama’s drone assassination program (and “our free press” ignores it)

This is the third such indictment under Trump, who has now used the Espionage Act three times. That's half as many as Obama's all-time record of using that repressiveact six times to punish those who dare, or try, to tell the awful truth—more than all previous presidents combined.

Trump still has (at least) some 18 months to equal or surpass Obama's record;and what's to stop him? Not "our free press," which has blacked out this storyof Trump's tyranny, just as it blacked out or played down Obama's dismal recordcrushing civil liberties. 

So it's not just about Julian Assange. "Our free press" doesn't come to the defense of anyone who dares to contradict a major US propaganda narrative—because the function of the US press today is to promote such fictions, notexpose them.


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