Time to throw out the Tylenol

From Douglas A. Yates:

Through this prism a lot of shit comes into focus. Behavior for which no advantage can be derived or behavior that causes distress to others but the actor is unaware of immediate and long term consequences.

Sum it up – it’s a cultural phenomenon. If pain, pleasure and thoughts of others are sidelined, it leaves a highly dysfunctional society. Layer in lots of media that push hot buttons…it’s no wonder the resistance, let alone logical thought, is shallow and ineffective. Our audience is drugged to act against their self-interest.

When a person whose brain cells still function was informed of acetaminophen’s effect, they were almost paralyzed with regret…mumbling OMG, OMG. Later saying, “now I understand people’s comments that I’d changed…”

From where I stand, the hill becomes a mountain, from every angle steeper and more unpredictably.


Everyday Painkiller Blunts Feelings of Joy, Pleasure and Empathy

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