This heroic woman needs your help

As you know, I've been sending out appeals for your donations to support my friend Amal Arafa's medical team in Gaza, whose people have been suffering horribly under Israel's occupation. As a nurse, Amal works full-time to help the wounded; and,as a civilian journalist, she's also struggled tirelessly to tell the world—or at leastthe members of this list—what's really happening over there. Her updates on thefatal toll of Israel's bombardment, and her many photos, offer us some glimpsesof the gruesome truth that "our free press" consistently blacks out.

I'm writing now because Amal herself needs help, and what she needs is very little; so I hope that we can give her what she needs.

Amal is a married woman with three children. One of them, Khalid Ibrahim, her two-year-old, has a severe weakness in his auditory nerve. Because of his deafness, he's unable to speak—a condition that could be improved with special headphonesenabling him to hear. 

Although these headphones ordinarily cost $1,000, there is a charitable organization, from outside Gaza, that would provide a pair for just $300. This is the amount that Amal needs, and as soon as possible, because that organization's representativesare in Gaza for a limited time, and will be leaving soon.

Since I started trying to help the Palestinians over there, I've been assailed withpleas from quite a few others, some of whom are clearly running scams. Because this plea may sound like one as well, I asked Amal to send me photos verifying her son's condition, and her attempts to treat it. (See below.) I hope they'll help convince you to donate a little bit, to help her raise the modest sum that her child needs. 

Use this link:

Many thanks.


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