The massacre goes on and on—and “our free press” still blacks it out

The massacre in Gaza just keeps grinding on, without a peep from "our free press"—other than to cast Hamas as the aggressor, and Israel as the victim, righteously"responding" to Hamas' sudden and gratuitous "attacks." 

According to my friends in Gaza, this story is a bald inversion of the truth, since thatbarrage of rockets lately fired at Israel, and which
the Times and Fox et al. hystericallyreported, was Hamas' "response" to an Israeli attack that had killed three women.

But such details of that grisly tit-for-tat are quite irrelevant to the overriding fact that all the deaths and injuries over there, on either side, are due entirely to Israel's occupation, which must end, or it will mean catastrophe for all.

Meanwhile, please send Amal's latest plea and pictures far and wide, and donate what you can.


From Amal Arafa:

We’re going through the worst days of our lives here in Gaza. It is especially hard on me, a married woman with three children, working day and night to raise the funds needed by our medical team, to take care of the many people badly wounded by Israeli forces. (My own work has been especially hard, since my oldest child developed a sensorineural condition that causes him much pain, and loss of hearing.)

You need to know what’s happening here, since Mark says that it is not being reported in the US press. We live in terror, because Prime Minister Netanyahu and his ministers have told the media that they will strike Gaza as violently as they did a week ago, when Israel killed 28 people, including two women and six children, some as young as ten years old.

Our group also suffered a traumatic incident, when Israeli aircraft bombed a house next to the tent where we were operating. We managed to rescue two children, but there was a whole family—a mother, father and their child—who could not get out in time.
The Gaza Strip cannot survive another month under Israel’s bombing, because the economic situation is now dire, making life almost impossible. The bombing and blockade are slowly killing us, and so we need your help—not only your donations, so we can treated the wounded here. We also need you to help spread the word about what’s really happening here, by sending this email, with these pictures, far and wide.
I’ve lived here in the Gaza Strip since I was born. This is my home, and I’ve done everything I can to help my people and to end the occupation. This is why I studied nursing for four years, and am now working full-time to treat the wounded and alert the world to what we’re going through.

Please donate whatever you can by going to this link:

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