The dangers of wireless radiation and how to protect yourself

From Katie Hickox:

Hi Mark,

For anyone living a super healthy lifestyle, including plenty of exercise, rest, healthy diet but still feeling tired,  “wired all the time”, here is what an early technology adopter Peter Sullivan based in Silicon Valley  learned his health problems were caused by electrosensitivity:

“My brain was saying, “All this stuff is good,” but my body was having some really serious problems. I had to learn the hard way on this one that our assumptions about the safety were just totally false.

At first, I thought I had food allergies. Then I determined I had high levels of mercury. But even after detoxifying myself, cleaning up my diet, and doing all these things, my health just kept going down. I got really skinny. My teeth were cracking. My body was demineralizing. I felt spacey and weak, and I’m not a weak person. I was a Navy pilot. I ran marathons. I did triathlons, so I’m not used to being weak, but I got physically and mentally weak.”  

See full interview/article below:

My comments:
Wireless radiation really stripmines your body of (trace) minerals and interferes w/calcium channels–see article about Dr. Martin Pall’s work on calcium issues–which in turn causes a lot of other problems like sleeping poorly, always being “wired” and unable to rest and recover.  All this adds to one’s everyday stress which in turns hammers our central nervous systems making us weaker, making learning more difficult and thus much more vulnerable to illnesses.

Wireless radiation exposure is like your body is switched into a constant ‘flight or fight’ and you never have any downtime to recover unless you succumb to a really bad flu which in turn takes much longer to recover.

Then because you’re so stressed, you start gaining cortisol weight (stress fat) and then that additional weight gain has a knock on effect of causing other problems like blood sugar problems, increasing blood pressure and premature aging.

We’re all being beamed to an earlier end of life thanks to all the higher stress caused by increasing levels of everpresent invisible electromagnetic radiation from hundreds of different sources: smart appliances (like refrigerators, dryers/washers/TVs) all have wifi turned on by default, your WiFi, your neighbors WiFi (WiFi router extenders) and all of their smart devices (laptops, smartphones, printers, amazon firesticks), not to mention the smart meters for electricity, gas, and water, and of course all the cell towers and other wireless transmission facilities all over on the top of tall buildings, stores, churches, schools.

If you think its bad now, just wait another year until 5G is rolled out regardless of whether or not you “need it”.
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