Responses to my post on climate change

From Josh Mitteldorf:
Charles Eisenstein has a recent book on Climate, which says that human activity (capitalism gone mad) is destroying the ecological foundation of our own human life as well as the natural treasure into which humanity was born, that CO2 is one tiny piece of this picture, that there are huge uncertainties glossed over in the narrative of global warming as it has been presented in the liberal media … but that it really doesn’t matter what you believe about CO2 because we need to completely change everything about the way we relate to our planet and to each other, and as we learn to live in harmonious and sustainable relationship, the CO2 issue will be handled organically, so to speak.

While this is a faithful account of Charles’s message, I’m not doing justice to his book, which (like everything Charles writes) is deeply thoughtful, full of revelations, fun to read, and — in the end — full of hope and confidence.  Also like everything Charles writes, it is offered free in full, or for a contribution.

From Rob Williams:

And don’t forget GEOENGINEERING.

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