“Our free press” has We the People under criminal hypnosis

Where I differ with the author here is that she thinks most people actually have heard the awful truth, and chosen to ignore it, while my view (demonstrated daily in these emails) is that the media has either blacked it out completely, or cast it as sheer crackpot fantasy.

This is what makes her comparison of the US to Nazi Germany especially apt, in that the Germans too had no clue what was really going on, either at home or abroad, from 1933 on—i.e., from the burning of the Reichstag, and swift passage of the Enabling Act (Hitler’s PATRIOT Act), to the apocalyptic end of the Third Reich. (Yes, a lot of Germans were uneasily half-aware of what was happening to the Jews, as well as gays and gypsies, among others, but it was based on word of mouth, not anything that ran in Goebbels’ press machine.)

Some day, when we have the vast reckoning that the US empire has so long deserved, and that the whole world badly needs, the leading members of the Western press will be among the many thousands in the dock, along with their taskmasters in the CIA, FBI and US military intelligence.MCM

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