Liberal outfits promising (AGAIN) to “fight” the rigging of this next election, wholly unaware of HOW elections here are rigged

Here's the SPLC doing its quadrennial dance for our donations, promising to Do the Right Thing prior to this next election. They remind us—rightly—that the Republicans have passed new Jim Crow laws throughout the South, and gerrymandered everywhere; and they pledge righteouslyto turn that tide:

We’ve got to fight back against this attempt to rig our democracy. You’re a vital part of this battle.Will you make a special gift to help kick off our new voting rights initiatives?

Of course, they're not the only outfit asking for a "special gift" to help them help us "win" this time around. All the sort-of-left non-profits come a-knockin' as the next election looms on the horizon, all promising to help Get Out the Vote, and/or file suit to overturn those evil laws and/or redraw electoral maps, and/or (as in this case) "motivate young people" to go vote. All the SPLC wants from you, to make these great things happen, is your money.

All the sort-of-left non-profits make this pre-election pledge to help the Democrats "win" thistime—a empty promise (some might call it false advertising), since none of them will evenmention, much less do anything to change, the absolute corruption of our voting system.

They can get out the vote until they're all blue in the face, and sue until the cows comehome; but such good works alone are likely not to make the slightest difference in avoting system almost totally computerized, and run by private companies, who "count" our votes (or "votes") behind closed doors. 

This means that, in the USA today, the official election "results" bear no relation to the will of the electorate. In other words, We the People—all of us—have lost the right to vote;and the only way to get it back, for all of us, is to reform the system radically:

"We've got to fight back against this attempt to rig our democracy." No kidding. But any group that "fights" without a clue as to the electronic rigging of the vote is not just wasting our time (and money). By turning a blind eye to what's really wrong with our preposterous voting system, those groups are actually maintaining it (and God knows who, or what, is actually controlling it). 


p.s. The best book on the electronic rigging of the vote is Jonathan Simon's Code Red:

And here’s a video I made before the last election, to explain the “one-two punch” of election theft in the US today:

Dear ___,

My name is Nancy Abudu and I’m the deputy legal director for a new SPLC team of legal and technical experts who will focus on voting rights.

We’ll be strengthening and protecting the voting rights of minority communities and other politically vulnerable people in the Deep South.

I believe, with the 2020 elections approaching, we’re at a crossroads in our democracy.

Since the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act in 2013, numerous states have enacted voter-suppression laws that disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of people. At the same time, partisan lawmakers have gerrymandered legislative and congressional districts to dilute the political power of African Americans and thwart the will of voters.

We’ve got to fight back against this attempt to rig our democracy. You’re a vital part of this battle. Will you make a special gift to help kick off our new voting rights initiatives?

Our nation’s history is inextricably linked with generations who struggled to expand voting rights. Yet, to this day, the voices of people of color, young people and people living in poverty are routinely blocked at the ballot box. For all our efforts, the legacy of Jim Crow continues to haunt us.

But we’re using important litigation, legislative advocacy and education to ensure that everyone is able to use their voice and cast their ballot.

In Mississippi, for example, we’re suing to overturn a Jim Crow-era law that strips voting rights from people convicted of certain crimes – for life. Today, this law prevents one of every six black adults in the state from voting and some 200,000 people overall.

Also, through our SPLC on Campus and Teaching Tolerance programs, we’re providing information and resources to kick-start voter registration drives on college campuses, support educators who are teaching about voting rights, and motivate young voters.

In courtrooms and statehouses across the Deep South, we’ll be on the frontlines of protecting and expanding voting rights for all.

We’re fighting for voting rights because we believe our democracy is at stake. I hope you will join with us today by making a contribution in support of our voting rights initiatives.

Just as important, make your voice count in your community. Stay deeply involved in the political process, hold public officials accountable for their actions, and speak out against hate and bigotry whenever and wherever you see it.

I’m grateful to have you alongside us in this crucial fight. Thank you for your continued support of the new voting rights practice group and all of our innovative work for justice and tolerance.


Nancy Abudu
Deputy Legal Director, Voting Rights

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