Israeli rabbis at military prep school caught on video praising Hitler

This shocking story really isn’t all that shocking in the larger context of the history of Zionism,whose leading German champions at one point met with Adolf Eichmann to negotiate a selectiveexodus of Jews to Palestine. As recounted in Lenni Brenner’s Zionism in in the Age of the Dictators,the two parties quite admired each other, sharing the same racialist ideology (each side claiming torepresent “the Chosen People”) as well as a ferocious anti-communism.

This is, to say the least, ironic, since the Zionists did nothing to avert the Holocaust, which thosehated Communists were trying to prevent; and having thus done zilch to keep that genocide fromhappening, once the world saw what had happened in the camps, and were appropriatelyhorrified, the Zionists exploited that reaction, and the widespread sense of guilt, to push for thefoundation of the Jewish state.

So what this story tells us is that the racist ideology of Zionism (political Zionism, as opposed toto the old ideal of spiritual Zionism) is as durable—and lethal—as the Nazi ideology resurgentnow in Europe and Ukraine (whose prior, neo-Nazi government had Israel’s unquestioning support). 

And will the New York Times, now franticly atoning for the Nazi-style cartoon that one of itsmillennial employees ignorantly posted on the paper’s website, tell its readers about thisfar more alarming sign of Hitler-friendliness among the rabbis teaching (teaching what?)in Israel’s settlements? 

Don’t bet on it; and don’t let anybody any longer get away with calling anti-Zionism “anti-semitism.”


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