FAKE NEWS ALERT! Julian Assange is NOT being dosed with psychotropic drugs

Please send this correction far and wide. (I got it from Kurt Nimmo's blog, so someone should contact him specifically.)


From Suzie Dawson:

Mark, this is fake news. Julian was never in the prison hospital, or under interrogation as claimed by Karen.
His lawyers, Kristinn and Pamela, and other visitors he is receiving would have been raising hell if this was
the case (and filing lawsuits)

Someone is feeding disinfo to Karen, and her circulation of such unfounded claims is very upsetting to those
closest to Julian

Would I put it past these agencies to do or plan something so nasty? No. But in this case they aren’t yet, and
the truth matters.

Depicting Julian as drugged, psychotic and chemically lobotomized is untrue, unfair and potentially damaging,
given his ongoing legal cases in multiple jurisdictions.


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