CIA/Counterpunch smears Bobby Kennedy

Note this vicious and preposterous aside in Andy Piascik’s “Breslin, Hamill and the Limits of the Mainstream,” in the latest Counterpunch. (I was among those who received it as an email from the author, who included no link.)

Bobby Kennedy? A war criminal? Is that why he got whacked, like his brother before him?

Shame on Piascik, and on Counterpunch.


        "Perhaps Hamill’s close relationship with Robert Kennedy, which went so far that Hamill states in the documentary that he was the one who convinced Kennedy to run for President in 1968, best illustrates this notion of the right kind of sermonizing masquerading as not sermonizing. While Hamill laments having done so, saying it was a mistake, what is striking is not the crossing of some journalistic line. Rather, it’s his support for Kennedy at all. Kennedy was a war criminal and a fraud, a cynical faux populist attempting to ride the massive protest sweeping the country to the White House."

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