CDC’s recommending flu shots to pregnant women is one more criminal act by that dark agency

From Darwin Hoop (whose comment merits a trigger warning):

THIS is why the autism rate did not go down when mercury (Thimerosal) was removed from the pediatric vaccine schedule.

The year Thimerosal was removed, OB/Gyns began to hard sell flu shots to pregnant women. The flu shot contains a large dose of Thimerosal, much of which makes its way into the nervous system of the developing fetus with devastating results. A high percentage of women had begun to say “no” to vaccines for their children but they were not prepared to be confronted with the demand they themselves be vaccinated. OB/GYN’s told these women their child would be schizophrenic if they contracted flu during pregnancy and were pressured to receive the jab then and there to minimize this risk. No mention was ever made of the adult flu shot’s highly neurotoxic mercury payload.

I ran medical research long enough to know none of this could possibly be a coincidence. Autism would have been established as a common Adverse Event YEARS before this practice became a pregnancy care protocol. The only remaining question here is “Why are they making our children autistic”. The sensible, though sinister, answer is eugenics, specifically class eugenics. The reproductive potential of affected families is dramatically lower than that of unaffected cohorts.

What competent person believes the sociopathic fiends of the western plutocracy should be permitted to play God with our families–or the very composition of our gene pool, these decadent, brutal narcissists who seek to become billionaires to compensate for their extreme personal inadequacies leaving a footprint millions of times that of the average person in the process? Better, I think, to abolish this tiny, reprobate minority that caused more pain and done more damage than any other single group in history and to decide for ourselves how to best manage our families and the nature of our species moving forward.

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