April is the cruelest month: 10 Palestinians have been killed, and hundreds wounded, since March 30 in Gaza

Please donate what you can to help these medics deal with ongoing massacre in Gaza.


From Amal Arafa:

Since the anniversary of the Great March of Return on March 30, ten people, including children, have been killed:

Child Maysara Mousa Abu Shallouf, 15 years old
Fares Yousef Faris Abu Hairas, 26 years old
Mohammed Jihad Saad, 20 years old
Adham Nidal Amara, 17 years old
Tamer Hashim Abou El Kheir, 17 years old
Bilal Mahmoud Al-Najjar, 17 years old
Habib Al Masri, 24 years old
Nidal Abdel Karim Ahmed Shatat, 29 years old
Jihad Mounir Khaled, 24 years old
Mousa Mohamed Mousa, 23 years old

Over 1,000 others were wounded in just two weeks. 
To date, more than 300 have been killed, and more than 40,000 wounded. Two of our crews have been injured, and are still in the hospital.
Please send your donations to:https://gogetfunding.com/amal/


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