A (partial) rundown on Merck’s dirty tricks

This is what we call a limited hangout—i.e., a partial exposé that serves to hidefar more than it reveals. 

Note how this piece from CBS News conveys the misconception that it's only Merck's Australian branch that uses such dark propaganda tactics, and—crucially—that it's only Vioxx that they pushed (past tense) through such deceptions.

That's Vioxx, the drug that Merck took off the market—as opposed to the vaccines that Merck is pumping out in vast amounts, and whose horrendousside effects, all scientifically confirmed long since, are not reported, butferociously denied by "our free press." 

Thus CBS News has given us a piece of tacit propaganda for the MMR vaccine,and Gardasil, both of which toxic mixtures Merck and the CDC, along with state and city  governments from coast to  coast, and all the major media, are forcingon our children, while smearing anyone who dares to question it.


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