Why serious organic farmers can’t be blamed for what may end up on their fruits and vegetables

From Victor Provenzano:

There are already quite a few wide-scale organic farms in the U.S., but many of them are still rather small in size. The smaller they are, the more vulnerable they are to chemical contamination.

Quite often, these small organic farms are surrounded by one or more other nearby farms that, year after year, are still using a mix of biocides and chemical fertilizers. The herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides that are being applied on such farms are, quite often, either sprayed into the air (by hand or by a machine) or are sprayed from the air from a small plane flying above the neighboring chem ag farm or farms. Quite “naturally,” as a result of this aerial spraying from a variety of heights, the wind can be expected, at times, to carry at least a portion of these airborne poisons onto some or all of a nearby farmer’s organically grown crops. And, yet, surely, no organic farmer who is honestly trying to meet a higher FDA standard can in any way be held responsible for this.

Moreover, the various kinds of biocides — which are designed to kill either weeds, fungi, or insects — will also dissolve in water and filter down, little by little, into the shallow aquifer under any chem ag farms that happen to surround one’s organic farm and, thus, over time, via a slow process of lateral water flow in the aquifer, these same chemical poisons can also, quite “naturally,” make their way into the ground water under one’s strictly organic farm and undermine its soil health, while also partially or even significantly contaminating its crops. And, yet, once again, no honest organic farmer anywhere on earth can be blamed for any of this.

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