The dark side of soy

From Douglas Yates:

So you think you know the skinny on soy. Really?

Kaayla T. Daniel, a champion of real food, presents the low-down on soy

The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America’s Favorite Health Food

According to Daniel, seven years ago, the State of California was on the verge of moving soy infant formula to a prescription-only basis for babies birth to six months.Why? Because it’s an estrogen mimic, an endocrine disruptor widely sold to unsuspecting parents. The deception required a global public-relations massage, a deliberate distortion of the truth. When the story is sold by a trusted personality [Oprah], the flimflam is accepted hook, line, and sinker.When soy infant formula used in the first 6 months of life, it results in infants with 50-80 times the levels of manganese found in babies on dairy formula or breast milk. High levels of manganese cause neurological damage and slow brain development, which can lead to ADD, violent tendencies, crime, the court and prison system. There’s a terrible symmetry in this cascade of consequences: Soy products are a major part of America’s prison system diet. Rack ’em up; knock ‘em down.

Fact-check: Soy foods  down-regulates testosterone reduces quantity and quality of sperm  feminizes boys found in 80 percent of processed food causes fibroid tumors in girls and women causes early puberty in girls is implicated in reproductive failure, endometriosis, and breast cancerNotice the bamboozle effect in a number of comments: people become resentful when nap time is interrupted. dy

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