The latest (bits of) news on labor’s rise in Mexico

Joe Surkiewicz reports (as no one else will):

The strikes were reported in the WSJ earlier this week (Strikes Signal Revival of Labor Demands in Mexico):

Strikes at Low-Wage Plants Signal Revival of Labor Demands in Mexico

Workers want higher pay as country prepares to overhaul labor laws

And the WSWS today: 

Union thugs assault striking Matamoros workers

By Andrea Lobo 
16 February 2019

The Mexican and US ruling class and the trade unions are ramping up their physical intimidation and reprisals against the workers in Matamoros, Mexico, whose rebellion against the trade unions and sweatshop conditions has sparked an ongoing strike wave across the country.

On Thursday morning, the same workers at the Fisher Dynamics auto-parts plant in Matamoros who sent a video supporting the February 9 demonstration in Detroit against plant closings announced by GM in the United States and Canada, told the WSWS Autoworker Newsletter that union thugs had attacked their picket line. 

Read the rest at  Union thugs assault striking Matamoros workers

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